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Manami Saito , Representative Director

We have established the Dance Science Academy of Japan on December 28th, 2016. We believe this was an important step forward towards achieving our vision.

We have been engaged in developing scientific methodologies for acquiring and teaching body technique of ballet and dances since 2010 as International Dance Educational Center (IDEC). More than 2,000 participants across the country have had attended our lectures since 2010. Network has grown, and we have set up Kansai Branch and the Kyushu Branch in 2014. These networks and efforts have been succeeded to newly establish organization, The Dance Science Academy of Japan. Under the new operation policy, we would like to further advance training courses for dancers and dance teachers, and enrich and expand our activities.

The Dance Science Academy of Japan scientifically studies body technique of dance and ballet for improving body techniques and teaching methodologies. We also study artistic and cultural side of dance and ballet with the long histories. We aim to grow and certify future dancers and teachers, and expand dance and ballet community in Japan.

Description of this organization in our articles of incorporation is as follows:
(1) Conducting scientific researches on body technique of ballet/dance and research on teaching methods
(2) Holding seminars on body techniques and teaching methods for ballet/dance, as well as hosting examinations and issuing license
(3) Issuing books and brochures on body technique and teaching method of ballet/dance
(4) Training dancers and teachers and certifying them
(5) Giving safety advice on ballet/dance
(6) Establishing network among teachers, dancers, fans, and classes
(7) Managing business related to the list above
For the ex-members of the International Dance Educational Center (IDEC), supporters, and those who are engaged in improving dance performance and teaching techniques, we would like to ask for your continues support and contribution for the growth of the new organization.

Manami Saito , Representative Director The Dance Science Academy of Japan


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