Features of the curriculum

  • “I want to be able to dance better…”
  • “I want to improve my students...”
  • “I want to start my own dance class...”
  • “I want to go abroad for dancing in the future...”
Variety of courses to meet various needs
DSA provides variety of courses for students who may have different interests. Students may belong to “science” field and be inteseted in biomechanical analysis of dance movements. Students may be interested in “culture”, history behind dancing and dance music. We also support studnets who would like to learn “teaching”, techniques for teaching and coaching.
Practical lessons
If you wish to acquire knowledge, reading might be enough. At DSA, we aim to teach knowlege that you can apply for your performance on a stage or a lesson. We focus on details that are interesting and useful to our dancers and teachers. Our learning programs are practical and interactive.
Expert educaters
DSA’s educaters are not only experts in different fields but also are active professionals who have rich real life experiences. They have knowledge on their fields and are always dedicated in their lectures.


Cultural Area

Classes to learn history of dancing and music selections in order to deeply understand dance and expand variety of expressions and creativity.