DSA works on safety of dance, enhancing performance, teaching method by conducting scientific experiments on dance with universities and research institutions.
We measure and check body conditions to assist the dancers.

We measure and assess physical and mental conditions of our dancers from medical,
physical, technical point of view and provide them with data and advise.

Body Weights and Measures

We measure heights and weights.


Anthropometry is the objective measurement of body and body parts. We can evaluate your body shape and size from the measured value. We can also use the data as an index for physical strength.

Measuring Foot shape
Example of 3D foot scanning data

Measuring foot shape is an objective way to show growth with numbers. It gives dancers the data that enables them to choose an appropriate pair of shoes. Selecting the right shoe-sides is very important during a growth period.

Body Composition

Body composition is figured out by a measurement of the structure of tissues in internal parts of body. We can measure muscles, bones, and somatic fat volume that consists body.

3D Motion Analysis
Example of 3D Motion Analysis We analyze specific movement

Acquiring correct skills is critical in acquiring moves and performances. By recording the movements, we are able to collect data and check on forms.
Also, we aim to collect data for objective coaching.

Static balance measurement

Generally, balance is necessary to keep and adjust the posture. Static balance measures the ability to stabilize without moving the base of support.