Special Lecturer

Frederic Olivieri
Artistic Director, La Scala Ballet.

Frederic Olivieri was born in Nice where he studied at the Music and Dance Conservatoire.

In 1977 he won the first prize at the International Ballet Competition Prix de Lausanne and entered the ballet school of the Opera de Paris. In 1978 he was invited to join the company of the Opera de Paris under the direction of Violette Verdy and then under the direction of Rosella Hightower. Olivieri was nominated soloist in 1981, when Rudolf Nureyev took the direction of the ballet at the Opera de Paris. In this company Olivieri danced the main parts of the classical repertoire, many invited choreographers chose him for their productions, amongst them Maurice Bejart, John Neumeier, Kenneth MacMillan, Alwin Nikolais, Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor.

In 1985 by invitation of Ghislaine Thesmar and Pierre Lacotte he participates in the founding of the Ballets de Monte Carlo where he becomes _toile, title given to him by the Princess Carolina of Monaco. On the stage of the Ballets de Monte Carlo he danced the major parts of classical, neoclassical and contemporary repertoire and creations dedicated to him by Uwe Sholz, John Neumeier, Roland Petit, and in many tours in Europe, Japan, USA, Russia, Canada. In 1992 the Prince of Monaco Renier III honours him Holder of the Order for cultural merits.
As invited star he dances in various international companies, takes part in gala concerts and festivals.
In 1993 John Neumeier invites him to the Hamburg Ballet but soon due to an accident he has to stop his brilliant career of a dancer.

Since 1996 till 1998 he works as a ballet master and assistant to the choreographer in the Maggio Danza company, where he also created the choreography for Orpheus (Monteverdi/Ronconi). In 1998 he works as ballet master at Zurich Ballet under the direction of Heinz Spoerli. In 1999, for the Teatro Comunale in Florence, he creates the choreography for Aida (Verdi/Mariani) In 2000 he becomes the Artistic Director of the Maggio Danza company and in September of the same year he is appointed principal ballet master of the ballet company of the Scala Theatre.

In July 2001 he was charged with artistic direction of the Ballet and in January 2002 he officially was appointed the Artistic Director of the Scala Ballet.

From April 2003 he is also Director of the Ballet department of the Academy for Performing Arts of Teatro alla Scala.
Special lecture
Sandrine Hénaut
From 1978 to 1983, she studied at Ecole de Dance de L‘Opera de Paris and performed soloist at the school concert. In 1983 she joined Theatre National de L’Opera de Paris as a Quadrille and promoted to Coryphée in 1986 and to Sujet in 1989. She earned a silver medal at a contest in Paris in 1990. After retiring Theatre National de L’Opera de Paris in 2005, she began teaching classic dances in Conservatoire and served as a judge of the national examination for teachers. In 2012 she opened more classes at Goube European Dance Center.
Special lecture Dancing teaching method: common basic instruction course Ballet coaching method Level 1 Ballet coaching method Level 2 Ballet coaching method Level 3
Anne-Marie Lafon
She received education on classic ballet in Opera in Southern Toulon by Jacqueline Fynnaert,Andrey gregolsky who also taught Manuel Legris, Etoile at Theatre National de L’Opera de Paris. Also, she studied modern dance including modern jazz, tap dance, vocal music, and piano at Merce Cunningham Academy. She performed many times as a dancer at festivals, such as ALIZE Company,Dance VIVANT, LACOSTE GALA, TV shows, movies, and musicals. She became an instructor at Conservatoire de Paris in 1976. She made many great achievements as a principal at Conservatoire de Paris.
Special lecture Dancing teaching method: common basic instruction course Ballet coaching method Level 1 Ballet coaching method Level 2 Ballet coaching method Level 3
齋藤 愛見
Manami Saito
She is Representative Director of The Dance Science Academy of Japan, Representative of Ballet Arts and also the Representative director of Tiara Inc. She earned a masters degree of Physical Education and is a college teacher and also taking a doctor course of the Nippon Sport Science University.
After going through Russia Ballet Institute and The Tokyo Ballet School, she studied at the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower (formerly Centre de Danse International Rosella Hightower) (France). She has performed at many classic ballet and contemporary performance as a dancer. She established Point Vert Ballet Class in 2000 and Ballet Arts in 2002.Under the principle of “Educate dancers to think” she instructs a wide range of age groups, from children to professionals, and has produced a winner at an international competition.
Seminar for Rhythmic Gymnastics Conditioning Stretching series Pirouette&Jump Pointe Dance Anatomy Level 1 Dance Anatomy Level 2 Dance Injury Care Dancing teaching method: common basic instruction course Ballet coaching method Level 1 Ballet coaching method Level 2 Ballet coaching method Level 3